Sunday, August 9, 2015

Who I M, a Portrait of Charles

Published on Feb 26, 2014
It all began while working deep in character as Chase Alias on a series called What We Found on Craigslist...

is an Immersionist character. Immersionism is a form of gonzo
journalism made famous by Hunter S Thompson in his works such as "Fear
and Loathing in Las Vegas". Immersion Journalism or Immersionism is a
style of journalism similar to gonzo journalism. In the style,
journalists immerse themselves in a situation and with the people
involved. The final product tends to focus on the experience, not the

David S Pollack, Notable Figure in Immersion Journalism

Chase Alias, Cited External Links in Gonzo Journalism

all use of work has citation and proven credibility toward Journalistic
Endeavors, no release is needed. The Imagery and stories are for
artistic, journalistic and photo-journalistic use. Never for commercial

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