Friday, December 19, 2014

Working on a Public Art Piece that Combines New Ideas with Classic Quotes and Philosophies, The_Massags_Therapist

Imagine an app where you could input your questions, thoughts and Ideas and an Algorithm would combine Famous Thoughts Quotes and Ideas.  Then Billboards and Digital Signs would rotate these newly formed ideas.

a New App Concept by
Theorize Art Network, New Media Think/Tank for



One of John Nicholas Stoodley’s - JN’s - earliest memories involved a lost cat. He well remembers his mother plucking a hair from her head and tying the strand to her wedding ring, thus creating a pendulum. By using a map of the local area and observing the swing of the pendulum, his mother quickly located the lost animal. It was, John Nicholas observed, a totally “normal” way to find a lost cat.  His brother bi-located (appearing at two different locations at the same time) and JN himself found that he had the ability to read palms and cards, “heal” non-functioning electrical components and even travel in time - an ability he inherited from his psychic mother. A paranormal childhood!

While still at Art College, JN wrote and illustrated free-lance articles on Interior Design, worked as a journalist for a leading magazine in London, England and was also commissioned  to produce a special design for the artist Picasso just before he died. After graduating from college, he went to Rome to take up a position as an assistant to the famous Italian film producer Franco Zeffirelli, however failed to get a requested work permit and consequently applied as an assistant to the iconic designer, Valentino to work on his Valentino Piu line. He was hired and designed mirrors, furniture, textiles, furniture and various bijoux for the insanely rich and often famous, but he had felt an outsider and found himself being stifled by the over-sophisticated and brashly glamorous dolce vita of Rome. “My life there may well have glittered,” he says, “but it was composed of fool’s gold and not then a real life at all. I was a misfit”.

JN has  traveled the world and lived in a number of diverse countries: England, where he was born,  and then Italy, Australia, France and the Philippine Islands where, under the instruction of renegade Jesuit priest and respected college professor, Father Bulatao, he studied faith healing, regression, meditation and astral projection. A noted expert in paranormal studies, Father Bulatao  obtained his Masters in Experimental Psychology and subsequent Ph.D from Fordham University in New York – legitimate then in his non-conformity!  It was therefore in the frenzied mayhem of Manila that JN felt that his “real schooling” began and an interest in Eastern Philosophy firmly took root.

Later, In France, he studied Eastern philosophy in general and ancient Chinese philosophy specifically. This interest eventually led him to closely investigate the ancient book of Chinese divination: the I Ching.  It fascinated him with its uncanny accuracy, however he felt that many people would be confused by its many archaic analogies and cultural references and they would therefore fail to sufficiently understand what was being said. Having  clearly understood what forces were at work to direct the apparently random (but not random at all) process of throwing three coins that the book employed,  JN consequently decided to adapt and reconfigure the I Ching, presenting it in a totally new way that was related to life today rather than so many thousands of years ago in ancient China. JN has been successfully refining this process for over twenty years now and the results of this adaptation can be found here on this website.

JN currently lives with his family on a small island situated along the Pacific Ring of Fire where he writes, designs, paints and ponders our incredible, but mostly unrealized possibilities as a species.